Principles of Vaastu:
Vaastu has two distinct parts
1) Vaastu of plot.
2) Vaastu of buildings.
     Both are equally important. Some people do not give importance to the Vaastu of plot which is not correct. Hence before we select a plot we should see Vaastu of the plot, since Kshetra (Land) is equally important as Beeja (seed) is for good crop.

1) Vaastu of Plot
    We should examine the levels, angels, its size and shape etc. and see whether it satisfies the Vaastu
    principles, if not the plotshould be modified by additions and alterations.

a) For Houses
    1. It should be close to a square to be an ideal one.
    2. A rectangle is good, Breadth and Length ratio should not be more than 1:2
    3. A triangular shape is not good.
    4. Round shape and all other odd shapes are also not good.
    5. If the plot is not as per Vaastu it should be corrected.
    6. If it  cannot be corrected, it should be rejected.

b) For Industrial houses and business concerns :
     While the principles of Vaastu are same, the size and shape of the plots may differ as per the type of
      business or industry's requirement.
      However, for Industries & multi-storeyed flats,Vaastu principles are enumerated in seperate pages.

c) Angles of the plot
   1. Ideally all angles should be 90 degrees.
   2. The South West angle should be 90 degree. This is very important.
   3. North West angle should be close to 90 degree or little more. It should not be less than 90 degree.
   4. South East angle should be close to 90 or little more but not less than 90 degrees.
   5. North East angle should be close to 90 or less but never in excess of 90 degrees.

d) Location and Direction of Plot.
    The Location of the plot is very important but its significance in terms of its directions as to which side the plot is facing, should not become a hurdle in acquiring a plot. The East and North facing sites are to be preferred to those facing West and South. Special care has to be taken for west and south facing plots while designing the house or work place.

e) Plots having two or more roads.
   1. Ideally the plot should have roads on all four sides.
   2. It is good to have more than one road.
   3. North and East roads are the best.
   4. South and West roads are good for business people.
   5. North and West roads are also good.
   6. South and East roads are good for women and organizations for women.


Levels inside the plot.
   1. The ground level should be high in the South and West.
   2. The ground level in the North and East should be lowest in the plot.
   3. Levels in the South-East and North-West should be more or less equal.
   4. South-East and North-West level should be higher than the North-East, but lower than the South-West
   5. North levels should be lower than South.
   6. East levels should be lower than West.

Levels outside the plot.
   1. East and North levels of the adjoining plot or road should be low.
   2. Towards South and West of the plot hillocks or mounds are good.
   3. Ponds, Tanks or Rivers in North or East or North-East of the plotyield, good results.
   4. A high building built towards South or West or South-West, of our plot is good for our prosperity.
   5. Any pond or tank or well or valley or ditches etc. , towards South-West, outside the plot will bring

          before the construction of the house is taken up, an open well or a bore well has to be dug in the plot.
    1. East side well means it should be in the first half towards east.
    2. Similarly, North side well means it should be in the first half towards East.
    3. A well in the West or South or South-West is taboo.
    4. A well in the North-West or South-East is also not good.
    5. A well opposite to the gate or main door or opposite to doors opening outside, is not advisible.
    6. A well in the center of the building is also not advisable.

    1. The cellar should be in North or East or North-East portion of the ground floor.
    2. The cellar constructed in south or west or south-west direction will cause problems to inmates.
    3. North-East portion of cellar  should be kept open as far as possible.
     4. South-West portion could be used for storage etc.
    5. North-West or South-East portions of Cellar could be used for car parking or as servant quarters etc.
2)  Vaastu of buildings
                                     Any structure whether it is a residential house or office , industrial house , business concern, theatre, temple,choultry,hotel should be built according to VAASTU. The main points to be kept in mind are:
    1. The building should be built leaving open space on all sites.
    2. More open space should be left in North side of the plot and less space in the south.
    3. Similarly more open space should be left in the East than West side of the plot.
    4. The building height should be more on  the South and West.
    5. The height or level of the building should be less in North and East
    6. On a multi storeyed building, terrace should be left towards north or east, not towards south or west.
    7. Balconies should be towards East or North.
    8. More window openings should be towards East and North.
    9. Less window openings should be towards West and South.
  10. Thicker walls should be built on West and South side.
  11. Thinner walls should be built on  East and North side.
  12. Doors and openings should be more towards North and East side.
  13. Doors should be less in number towards West or South.
  14. The compound walls of South andWest should be thicker and more in height than those of North &
  15. Gate should be on the North East direction, depending upon the road whether it is North or East.
  16. For south road facing house, the gate should be in south or south-east and not on the south-west.
  17. For a West road facing house, the gate should be in the West or North-West and not in South-West.
  18. The South-West room should be the master bedroom.
  19. South-East room should be kitchen.
  20. North-East room should be pooja room.
  21. Bathroom normally preferred in East, where it is not convenient, South East or North-West may be
  22. The number of doors or windows should be even and not odd.
  23. Verandahs should be design in East or North.
  24. The level of Verandah roof should be less than the normal roof level.
  25. No Verandahs should be built in the West or South.
  26. Portico should be design in the North-East, or East or north.
  27. Roof level of the portico should be equal o9r less than the verandah.
  28. Stair case should be to South-West because of its height and weight.
  29. Overhead tank should be either in South or West. There is a difference of opinion to have it on
        South-West; more weight is acceptable on South-West but water in South-West is not advisable.
  30. Out-Houses can be built in South-East or North-West but they should not touch North and East walls
        and the height of the rooms should be less than the main house.
  31. Car garages also should be along with out house on the same principle but portico should be in the
  32. Septic tanks in North-West or South-East are acceptable.
  33. Water pumps in the North-East that too below the ground level only. Water tank above the ground
        level in the North-East is not correct.