Sukham dhanaai budhischa santhati sarvadaanrunaam
Priyaanyeshaamcha samsiddhai sarvamsyaa subhalakshanam
Yatra nindhita lakshmaathra thadheethesham vighathakruth
Atha sarvamupaadeyam yadbaave subhalakshanam
Desah puram nivasascha sabhaveesmaa sanaanicha
Yadhya dheedhrusa manyascha thatasheryaskaram matham
Vaastu saasthraadhruthe thasya nasyaa lakshananirnaya
Thasmallokasya krupayaa sasthrametha - dhuriyathee
                                                           (Samarangana Sutradhara)


 W E


to attain health,wealth,children and many other advantages
Vaastu Shastra helps to a great extent. Affliction of Vaastu
creates sorrows and disappointments. So houses, villages, 
towns and cities shall be built according to Vaastu. Hence Vaastu 
Shastra was brought into light by sages for the betterment and
overall welfare of society.

Figs 1 & 2 The plots are divided into eight sectors taking into consideration the direction North, Whether it is straight or diagonal. These sectors help us to design the house i.e., to place the kitchen in south-east, Puja in north-east, dining in west, bathroom to the east and bed room or storage to the south-west, etc.



  Note: South west & North west areas are used for bed rooms or living rooms and close to these rooms bath rooms are being provided. In towns and cities, where granary and cattle are not found, sheds are not required, so the space can be used otherwise.  


  Before one could think of understanding Vaastu, one has to acquire some knowledge about the directions, and sectors of the plot.
Fig.1 gives all the eight important directions of the plot namely,north,south,east,west,and also north-east,south-east,south-west and north-west. The placement of the proposed house is also shown leaving more open area towardsnorth,east,and north-east.











Note: House is to be constructed in South West Portion of the plot leaving more area in North and East.

  Fig.2 shows the plot divided into four sectors: 

1. North-east sector
2. South-East sector 
3. South-West sector 
4. North-west sector.

The location of puja room, bathing place, kitchen, study room and toilet etc. is lucidly explained in the following sloka.
                                    Eeshanyam devatageham poorvasyam snana mandiram
                                    Agneyam pakasadanam bhandagaramuttare
                                    Agneyapoorvayormadhye aajyageham prasastate
                                    Yamya nairutyayormadhye pureesha tyagamandiram
                                    Nirutyambupayormadhye vidyabhyasasya mandiram
                                    paschimanilayormadhye rodanardham gruhamsmrutam

North East is the place for pooja, East is the place for bathroom, South East is the place for kitchen, North is the place for Treasure.
Oils such as ghee etc. should be in between East and South east; toilet should be in between South and South west; and study room should be in between West and South West etc.