.Biotechnology Information System Network - serves as a distributed database of biological information & research.
Biotechnology Information System - information about National Bioinformatics Network, training & services etc.
Earn Energy - information related to energy saving & alternative energy sources.
GSLV-D1 - information on Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle launched by India.
Geology India - Indian geology education, journals, stratigraphy, georesources, books etc.
Hindi Dianetics - book explains how the state of the mind can influence health & happiness.
India HAM - HAM (amateur) radio, software, circuits, e-mail addresses of hams, clubs.
Indian Architecture Discussion Forum - a platform for interaction amongst Indian architects.
Indian Fengshui - the art of building a structure in cosmic harmony to have abundance of positive forces
Indian space program
IndusScitech - includes news, conferences, view points, institutes and more
Karuturi Floritech - flower shop, news & information, flora science, auctions, greenhouse etc.
Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana - encourages students of basic sciences, engineering & medicine in research
LASERS Page - useful information on LASERS and their applications.
Mathematics - mathematicians & mathematical advances before 1000 A.D.
Organic Farming - guide to organic & rotational farming by Ajit & Royina Grewal
Pankaj Oudhia - photographs of insects & allelopathic plants & his research activities
Professional Network - a technical web site to share knowledge, news, downloads, articles, etc.
Professor Lakhtakia's Research - collection of research papers, journals and resources
Research Guide - list of scientific & industrial research organisations in India.
Research in India - portal of Indian research in engineering & science, journals, institutes
Sandeep's Ham Page - info on ham radio, operations, Govt. rules, policies & support
Science City Online - index of scientists, technologists, news, institutions etc.of Tamil Nadu
Science and Technology in India
Vaastu Guru - site on Indian Fengshui teaching the secrets of the science of building
Watershed Techologies - details about technologies used in watershed development in Maharashtra.