.Center for Advanced Technology - about CAT, Indore, laser activity, accelerator programme, computer school
Harish-Chandra Research Institute - formerly Mehta Research Institute, programmes in Mathematics & Physics
Heavy Water Board (HWB), India - responsible for production of Heavy Water (D2O) which is used as a coolant
Indian Heritage - Physics - matter, motion, space & time, elasticity, fluidity, hydrostatics, light etc
Institute of Physics, Bhubneshwar, India - research activities, predoctoral courses, conferences, library, etc.
Interactive Physics - book primarily meant for students preparing for IIT-JEE & University exams
Lasers - about lasers, types, use in military,medical, communication, holography etc
Project Report on MRI System - details about a research project on magnetic resonance imaging system.
Reference Articles on Nuclear Power - Kaiga project, energy independent India, environment, reports, research etc
Sunil Mukhi's Homepage - articles in theoretical Physics, music, photographs, personal info, etc
Super Tutor Physics - a full year of classroom physics on one clear and concise multimedia CD-ROM
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Group - performs research on nanolithography.
Theoretical Physics - Projection theorem, Tachyon Particle Mathematics, Cosmological constant etc
Variable Energy Cyclotron Center - official website of VECC, Departmant of Atomic Energy, India.