.AISE Homepage - Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
ATREE - Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Astronomy Club - scientific & educational organisation for astronomy & allied sciences
Biotechnology Park for Women - aims to develop an integrated approach in women to be equal in all spheres
CSDMS - Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions, Delhi
Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology - about CCMB, research, academic programmes, achievements etc.
Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems - research, training & publications on traditional Indian sciences.
Dalmia Centre for Biotechnology (DCBT) - applied research & research in plant biotechnology
Dr. Prem Nath Agricultural Science Foundation - facilitates interaction of knowledge & ideas in agricultural development.
Heavy Water Board (HWB), India - responsible for production of Heavy Water (D2O) which is used as a coolant
IEEE VESIT Website - information on the activities and society, Bombay council & India council
Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) - apex body for the coordination & promotion of biomedical research
Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG) - methods of data acquisition, analog and digital data capture etc.
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) - information about India's space research projects.
Japan India Technology NETwork
Khagol Mandal - Association of Amateur Astronomers and Sky Gazers in India
NBPGR - National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources.
National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources - for characterisation, conservation and use of livestock & poultry genes.
National Chemical Laboratory - science & knowledge based research, development & consulting organisation.
National Council of Science Museums - activities, infrastructure, exhibitions, science parks etc. of NCSM
National Institute of Hydrology,Belgaum - undertakes systematic & scientific research in Hydrology
National Research Centre for Cashew (NRCC) - research programs for improving the productivity of cashewnuts
Neem India - Neem India Products Pvt.Ltd. are producers of organic manure and pesticides
Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute - NARI is a charitable trust involved in renewable energy, agriculture etc.
PlanNET for future development - network of professional and academic planners
Regional Research Laboratory - R&D lab under CSIR dealing natural resources - minerals, forest & marine.
Renewing India - guide to new and renewable sources of energy in India.
Rotunda - The Center For Human Reproduction - services including IVF, ICSI, human sperm banking, oocyte donation program
Science City, Calcutta - exposes children & adults to scientific phenomena & principles through fun.
Shriram Institute for Industrial Research - non-profit organisation for research in material sciences
TIFAC - Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council.
TeNeT - The Telecommunications and Computer Networks Group, IIT, Madras.
The Amateur Seismic Centre (ASC) - monitoring seismic activity, reporting earthquakes, journals, research etc.
Variable Energy Cyclotron Center - official website of VECC, Departmant of Atomic Energy, India.
Vechur Conservation Trust - embryo transfer, research & biodiverse conservation of the Vechur cow
Vigyan Prasar page - Govt of India's science and technology website
Vigyan Prasar - autonomous organisation setup by the Government of India.
Waste Wise Asia-Pacific - network of organisations promoting solid waste management (SWM) policies
World Millennium Kannada Conference-2000 - event to bring together Kannadigas all over the world
Yoga Niketan Trust - Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramahans, meditations, himalayas, god ..