.All India Association of Bioethics (AIBA) Newslink - features published papers and editorials.
Bangalore Bio - information on biotech industry, academic institutions, news, events, etc.
Biotechnology Information System Network - serves as a distributed database of biological information & research.
Butterflies of Kerala - a study of butterflies in Kerala, India
Daya Publishing House - books on life science, biology, botany, environment, fisheries, zoology etc
Indian Medlars Centre - a bibliographic database of Indian biomedical research.
Indian Society for Parasitology (ISP) - research of tropical medicines for parasites with journals & conferences
Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre - maintaining databases on India's environment, flora/fauna, natural habitats
Journal of Applied Horticulture (JAH) - notes, news, research papers, articles etc. on horticulture
Molecular Biology & Genetics Unit - vascular biology, molecular virology of HIV, protein engineering, etc.
National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources - for characterisation, conservation and use of livestock & poultry genes.
Regional Plant Resource Centre - involved in research and development of plants in Bhubaneswar
Taru Mitra Bioreserve - site has pictures and information about the bio-reserve in Bihar.