Muslim community

  AHYA - engaged in promoting Islam & teachings of the Quraan
Ahya Guidance Center - online Islamic courses & guidance center in Mumbai
Allah Sufism Islam - sufęsm and tslamęc online books. Download free.
Artislam - information about Islamic art and literature
Beliefnet - Islam - Quran & Hadith search, Mecca, Jesus in Islam, Hajj, Salaat (prayers), quiz
City of Light - about Islam & muslims, Quran, downloads, articles, audio recitations,
Dawoodi Bohra Community Site - about the Bohra muslims, their beliefs, customs, Islam, religion, Syedna
Dawoodi Bohra Net (DBNet) - official website of the DB muslim community with information on Syedna, etc - a complete portal on Islam, prayers, Muslim world, beliefs, Allah & Quran
Gharib Nawaz - life, teachings & travels of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisty
Hajj Pilgrims Information Kerala Online - offers detailed information on the pilgrimage to Mecca.
ISPRIN- Islaamic Propagation on Internet - new research material completely based on Biblical and Quranic verses.
Islam & the Sufi Tradition - information on Sufism and its philosophy
Islam - The True Way of Life - the meaning of Islam and all about Islam
Islam - links to comprehensive sites of Islam.
Islam - faiths & practices, festivals, sects, holy places
Islam - discover Islam, converts, the Qur'an, Hadith
Islami City - Hajj information, screensaver, about the Muslim community, Quran, Ramzan.
Islamic Center for Research and Awareness - a society formed to understand Islam & its values
Islamic Center of India - about Islam, Allah & Quran, beginner's guide, supplications, history, etc.
Islamic Fiqh Academy (India) - Islamic jurisprudence, collective ijtehad, global understanding of issues.
Islamic Research Foundation - working towards removal of misconceptions about Islam, Dr. Zakir Naik, FAQs
Islamic Studies Resource - information on Islam, Quran, Hadith, Muslims, students associations & news
Islamic Websites - site serves as a directory of websites related to Islam & muslim community
Kerala Muslim Homepage - ahmadiyya muslim mssion,Kerala
Khwaja Garibnawaz - guide on pilgrimage to Ajmer dargah with information about the Urs & Islam.
Muslim India - information on Islamic history, law, news, quiz, network, Zaka'h calculator
Progressive Dawoodi Bohra Muslims - understand Islam, reform issues, Asghar Ali Engineer, Sayedna, articles.
Shahid's Islamic Page - lots of information about Islam
Silsila - information on Sufism in Islam
Syed Moinuddin Hassan Web Page - personal homepage with info about the Islam, Quran translations, etc.
The Eid - history of Islam, custom & traditions, recipes, ecards & wallpapers for Eid
Trust of Education - providing Islamic information to the public through books & other media.
What is Islam?
World Ahlul Bayt (as) Islamic League - site offers information on Islam, Muhammad, customs & traditions, FAQs, etc
Zawaj - muslim matrmonials, Nikah, rishtay, Islamic articles, Quran & Hadith etc.