Ahmedabad Jinalays & Sangh - information on Jain temples in Ahmedabad, events, Bhakti music etc.
Ajivika Page - Ajivika is an ancient religion started by mendicant monks in India.
Essence of Jainism - provide literature and translations into todays language.
Jai Jinendra - Jain philosophy in English and Gujarati.
Jain History - an outline of the history of Jainism.
Jain History - history of one of the oldest religions
Jain Literature and Logic - Jain philosophy & guide to cultural activities
Jain Net - about Jainism, festivals, songs & links to related sites.
Jain Samaj.org - info on Jain saints, preachers, matrimonials, celebrities, temples & more
Jain Tirth - a compilation of all the major Jain tirths
Jain World - about Jainism, its philosophy, practises, literature, education etc.
JainTemple - features information & pictures of Jain temples from cities of Gujarat.
Jaindarshan - information about Jainism, Jain panchang, philosophy etc.
Jainism - information on the religion, arts & monuments influenced by Jainism etc.
Jainism - Principles, tradition and practises
Jaino Jago Gyan Swabhav - lekhans (writings) on Jain philosophy, teachings, Gurus & preachings
Jains Net - history, temples, saints, directory, events, fast, matrimonial, employment.
Jinvani - Digamber Jain site with philosophy, pilgrimage, books, history etc.
Life of Lord Mahavir - life of Mahivira in online and zipped file format
Mahavirpuram - a monument portraying the scientific Indian culture.
Religious India - resources on the Jain religion
Shri Adinath Bhagavan Temple - information about the temple in New Delhi
Tarapanth - religion and process of self transformation.