Built in 1809, this palace is located in the new city of Gwalior. It the house of the present Maharaja of Gwalior. This palace was designed by Lt. Col. Sir Michael Filose. 35 of the rooms have been converted into the Scindia Museum and the rest of the rooms reflect the spender and glory that comes alive in the Italianate structures. The Tuscan and Corinthian architectural modes are combined in Jai Vilas. The Darbar hall of the Palace is an imposing structure. Covered with heavy draperies and tapestries, fine Persian carpets and furniture from Italy and France occupy these spacious rooms. The darbar hall ceiling has two incredibly massive chandliers weighing in tonnes. The treasure of the palace includes a silver train that has cut glass wagons carrying wine and cigars after dinner, a glass cradle used for Lord Krishna on every Janamashtami, swords once worn by Aurangzeb and Shah Jehan. Apart from these there are personal gifts and momentoes of Scindia Family which includes the

Jewelled slippers of Chinkoo Rani, hunting trophies and portraits, also small room having collection of erotica. Jai Vilas is an excellent glimpse into the rich culture and lifestyle of princely India.