2700 B.C-1000 A.D

1000 A.D-1800 A.D.

1800 A.D-1947 A.D

1947 A.D-1999 A.D


Discover India Gallery - site on Indian archaeology, excavations, bulletin board, discussion forum
1857 War for Independence - notes about the sepoy mutiny
1971 India - Pakistan War - glimpses of the Indo- Pak war
1971 India-Pakistan War Web Exhibition - commemorating 25 years of India-Pakistan war
A Syllabus On Indian History - a non-profit educational site on Indian history.
Ancient India's Contribution - science and technology in the last two millenniums.
Chitpawan Brahmins from India - devoted to background, history, culture and genealogy.
Coins of India - history of coins from ancient and medevial India
Dates of the Sarasvati Sindhu Civilisation - from 3100 to 1400 BCE.
East India Trade - history page covering the period from 1500 to 1800 A.D.
Family History in India
Harappa - interpretations about a lost civilisation.
Harappa - glimpses of South Asia before 1947
History of India - by the Ministry of External Affairs
India 50 - 50 years of Indian independence
India Resources - history of India
Indian History & Culture - information & guide to the history & culture
Indian History Links
Indian History Sourcebook - sources on the history and religions of the Indian sub-continent
Indian History - a passage through time.
Indiatime History - go from ancient to modern India. Also includes regional history.
Itihaas by Akhilesh Mithal - articles on the history of India
Kamat's Potpourri - hodge podge of Indian history, arts and culture.
Mahatma Gandhi Foundation - a rare collection of books, pictures and cartoons.
Mahatma Gandhi Text Collection - an archive of various texts regarding Gandhi, India and related subjects.
Manas - India's history and politics from ancient times to Independence
Marwar - a chronicle of Marwari history and achievements
Sepoy Mutiny 1857 - dedicated to the armed revolt of 1857
The 1971 War - about 1971 India-Pakistan war
The Chronology of Kings of India
The History of Asoka
The Iyer Heritage Site - background, history, culture and trivia about Iyers and other Brahmin.
The Tiger of Mysore - dedicated to the times and rule of Hazarath Tippu Sultan Shaeed.
Timeline of India - wall of historical events and related stories/sites.
Tipu Sultan - biography of the Tiger of Mysore