2700 B.C.-1000 A.D

1800 A.D-1947 A.D

1947 A.D-1999 A.D



The Slave Dynasty, The Mughul Empire 1000 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

1026 A.D.  Mahmud Ghazni sacks Somnath Temple.
                  Prithviraj Chauhan routs Muhammad.
                 Ghori: the first battle of Tarain
1192 A.D.  Ghori defeats Prithviraj
                  Chauhan: the second battle of Tarain.
1206 A.D. Qutbuddin establishes the Slave Dynasty.
1221 A.D. Mongol invasion under Genghis Khan.
1232 A.D. Foundation of the Qutub Minar.
1288 A.D. Marco Polo visits India.
1290 A.D. Jalaludin Firuz Khalji establishes the Khalji dynasty.
1320 A.D. Ghiyasuddin Tughluk founds the Tughluk dynasty.
1325 A.D. Accession of Muhammad-bin-Tughluk.
1336 A.D. Foundation of Vijayanagar (Deccan).
1398 A.D. Timur invades India.
1424 A.D. Rise of the Bahmani dynasty (Deccan).
1451 A.D. The Lodi dynasty established in Delhi.
1489 A.D. Adil Shah dynasty at Bijapur.
1490 A.D. Nizam Shahi dynasty at Ahmednagar.
1498 A.D. First voyage of Vasco da gama.
1510 A.D. Portuguese capture Goa.
1518 A.D. Kutub Shahi dynasty at Golconda.
1526 A.D. Establishment of the Mughul Dynasty;
                 First Battle of Panipat: Babur defeats Lodis.
1526-1530 Reign of Babur.
1530 A.D. Humayun succeeds Babaar.
1538 A.D. Death of Guru Nanak Ji.
1539 A.D. Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayun and becomes Emperor of  Delhi.
1555 A.D. Humayun recovers the throne of Delhi.
1556 A.D. Death of Humayun; Accession of Akbar; Interview with Akbar.
1564 A.D. Akbar abolishes poll tax on Hindus.
1565 A.D. Battle of Talikota: Muslim rulers in Deccan defeats and  destroys Vijaynagar Empire.
1568 A.D. Fall of Chittor.
1571 A.D. Foundation of Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar.
1572 A.D. Akbar annexes Gujarat.
1573 A.D. Surat surrenders to Akbar.
1575 A.D. Battle of Tukaroi was faught.
1576 A.D. Battle of Haldighat: Akbar defeats Rana Pratap; Subjugation of  Bengal.
1577 A.D. Akbar troops invade Khandesh.
1580 A.D. Accession of Ibrahim Adil Shah II in Bengal; Rebellion in  Bihar and Bengal.
1581 A.D. Akbar’s march against Muhammad Hakim and reconciliation with him.
1582 A.D. Divine Faith promulagated.
1586 A.D. Annexation of Kashmir.
1591 A.D.

Mughul conquest of Sind.
1592 A.D. Annexation of Orissa.
1595 A.D. Siege of Ahmednagar; Annexation of Baluchistan.
1597 A.D. Akbar completes his conquests.
1600 A.D. Charter to the English East India Company.
1602 A.D. Formation of the United East India Company of Netherlands.
1605 A.D. Death of Akbar and Accession of Jahangir.
1606 A.D. Rebellion of Khusrav;Execution of the Fifth Sikh Guru,Arjanji 1607 A.D.
                  Sher Afghan first, husband of Nur Jahan, was killed.
1608 A.D. Malik Ambar takes Ahmednagar.
1609 A.D. The Dutch open a factory at Pulicat.
1611 A.D. The English establish a factory at Masulipatnam.
1612 A.D. The Mughul Governor of Bengal defeats the rebellious Afghans; Mughuls annex                      KuchHajo.
1615 A.D. Submission of Mewar to the Mughuls; Arrival of Sir Thomas Roe in India.
1616 A.D. The Dutch establish a factory at Surat.
1620 A.D. Capture of Kangra Fort; Malik Ambar revolts in the Deccan.
1622 A.D. Shah Abbas of Persia beseiges and takes Qandahar.
1623 A.D. Shah Jahan revolts against Jahangir
1624 A.D. Suppression of Shah Jahan’s rebellion.
1626 A.D. Rebellion of Mahabat Khan.
1627 A.D. Death of Jahangir; Accession of Shah Jahan.
1628 A.D. Shah Jahan proclaimed Emperor.
1631 A.D. Deathof Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaz;Construction of Taj Mahal. 1632 A.D. Mughul                     invasion of Bijapur; Grant of the "Golden Firman" to  the English Company by the
                  Sultan of Golkunda.
1633 A.D. End of Ahmednagar Dynasty.
1636 A.D. Aurangzeb appointed Viceroy of Deccan.
1639 A.D. Foundation of Fort St. George at Madras by the English.
1646 A.D. Shivaji captures Torna.
1656 A.D. The Mughuls attack Hyderabad and Golkunda; Annexation of   Javli by Shivaji.
1657 A.D. Invasion of Bijapur by Aurangzeb; Aurangzeb captures Bidar  and Kalyani.
1658 A.D. Coronation of Aurangzeb.
1659 A.D. Battles of Khajwah and Deorai.
1661 A.D. Cession of Bombay to the English;
                 Mughul capture of Cooch Bihar.
1664 A.D. Shivaji sacks Surat and assumes royal title.
1666 A.D. Death of Shah Jahan; Shivaji’s visit to Agra and escape.
1674 A.D. Shivaji gets the title of Chhatrapati.
1678 A.D. Marwar won by the Mughuls.
1680 A.D. Death of Chhatrapati Shivaji; Rebellion of Prince Akbar.
1686 A.D. English war with the Mughuls and Fall of Bijapur
1689 A.D. Execution of Sambhaji.
1690 A.D. Peace between the English and the Mughls.
1691 A.D. Aurangzeb was at the zenith of his power.
1698 A.D. The new English company trading to the East Indies
1699 A.D. First Maratha raid on Malwa region.
1700 A.D. Death of Rajaram and regency of his widow Tara Bai.
1702 A.D. Amalgamation of English and the London East India Company.
1707 A.D. Death of Aurangzeb; Battle of Jajau.
1714 A.D. Husain Ali appointed Viceroy of the Deccan; The treaty of the   Marathas with Husain Ali.
1720 A.D. Accession of Baji Rao Peshwa at Poona.
1739 A.D. Nadir Shah conquers Delhi; The Marathas capture Salsette and Bassein.
1740 A.D. Accession of Balaji Rao Peshwa; The Marathas invade Arcot.
1742 A.D. Marathas invade Bengal.
1748 A.D. First Anglo-French war.
1750 A.D. War of the Deccan and Carnatic Succession; Death of Nasir. Jang.
1751 A.D. Treaty of Alivadi with the Marathas.
1756 A.D. Siraj-Ud-Daulah captures Calcutta.
1757 A.D. Battle of Plassey: The British defeat Siraj-ud-daulah
1760 A.D. Battle of Wandiwash: The British defeat the French
1761 A.D. Third battle of Panipat: Ahmed Shah Abdali defeats the Marathas; Accession of                    Madhava Rao Peshwa; Rise of Hyder Ali
1764 A.D. Battle of Buxar: The British defeat Mir Kasim
1765 A.D. The British get Diwani Rights in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa
1767-1769 A.D. First Mysore War: The British conclude a humiliating peace pact with Hyder Ali
1772 A.D. Death of Madhava Rao Peshwa; Warren Hastings appointed as Governor of Bengal
1773 A.D. The Regulating Act passed by the British Parliament
1774 A.D. Warren Hastings appointed as Governor-General
1775-1782 A.D. The First Anglo-Maratha war
1780-1784 A.D. Second Mysore War : The British defeat Hyder Ali
1784 A.D.  Pitt's India Act
1790-1792 A.D. Third Mysore War between the British and Tipu
1793 A.D. Permanent Settlement of Bengal
1794 A.D. Death of Mahadaji Sindhia.
1799 A.D. Fourth Mysore War: The British defeat Tipu; Death of Tipu; Partition of Mysore




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