1000 A.D-1800 A.D.

1800 A.D-1947 A.D

1947 A.D-1999 A.D



Ancient India - Harappa, Alexander, Mauryas  and Guptas period. 2700 B.C. to 1000 A.D.

2700 B.C
. Harappa Civilisation.
1000 B.C. Aryans expand into the Ganga valley.
  900 B.C. Mahabharata War.
  800 B.C. Aryans expand into Bengal; Beginning of the Epic Age:            
                 Mahabharata composed, first version of Ramayana.
  550 B.C. Composition of the Upanishads.
  544 B.C. Buddha’s Nirvana.
  327 B.C. Alexander’s Invasion.
  325 B.C. Alexander marches ahead.
  324 B.C. Chandragupta Maurya defeats Seleacus Nicator.
  322 B.C. Rise of the Mauryas; Chandragupta establishes first Indian  Empire.
  298 B.C. Bindusara Coronated.
  272 B.C. Ashoka begins reign ; Exclusive Interview with Ashoka.
  180 B.C. Fall of the Mauryas ; Rise of the Sungas.
  145 B.C. Chola king Erata conquers Ceylon.
    58 B.C. Epoch of the Krita-Malava-Vikram Era.
    30 B.C. Rise of the Satvahana Dynasty in the Deccan.

    40 A.D. Sakas in power in Indus Valley and Western India.
   50 A.D. The Kushans and Kanishkas.
    78 A.D. Saka Era begins.
  320 A.D. Chandragupta I establishes the Gupta dynasty.
  360 A.D. Samudragupta conquers the North and most of the Deccan.
  380 A.D. Chandragupta II comes to power; Golden Age of Gupta Literary Renaissance.
  405 A.D. Fa-hein begins his travels through the Gupta Empire.
  415 A.D. Accession of Kumara Gupta I.
  467 A.D. Skanda Gupta assumes power.
  476 A.D. Birth of astronomer Aryabhatta.
  606 A.D. Accession of Harshavardhan Gupta.
  622 A.D. Era of the Hejira begins.
  711 A.D. Invasion of Sind by Muhammad Bin Qasim.
  892 A.D. Rise of the Eastern Chalukyas.
  985 A.D. The Chola Dynasty: Accession of Rajaraja, the Great.
1001 A.D. Defeat of Jaipal by Sultan Mahumd.