ABN Doctors - fix appointments online, health & nursing tips, buy medicines, pathological
AFORT 99 - inaugural session of scientific congress to be held in Chennai
AMC Trust - charitable organisation for cancer cure, therapies, hospitals
Aarogya - Marathi language health portal with online dictionary, sex counselling etc.
Aarogya.com - health portal with medical dictionary, online counselling for sex and more
About Health at SoulKurry - alternative therapies, body matters, fitness, home remedies, nutrition, etc
Active Karma - fitness tips, sports teams, adventure holidays, weight control programs
Acupressure India - information on Acupressure treatment, benefits, pressure points chart, etc.
Acupuncture India - information on acupunture treatment, research & training centre, doctor etc
Advanced Orthopaedics Centre, Mumbai - online information about orthopaedic problems
Alternative Health Directory - health therapies, resources & care in alternative medicine
Alternative and Conventional Medicine - information & discussion on health, diseases, diagnosis & treatment.
Amaryl Club - a forum for diabetes patients, charts on diet, exercise, eyes, low sugar.
American Indian Health Council - personal homepage of Indians dedicated to health care in USA.
Apna Doctor - info on ayurveda, homeopathy, online consultations, newsletter and more
Apni Sehat - medical library, drug information, pregnancy planner, baby development, etc
Apollo Life - network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies & health care providers
Ask Dr. Shah - portal on homeopathy with info on ailments, online counselling, remedies
AskMD - online health information including expert opinion
Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) - office bearers, state chapters, library, membership information, bye-laws
Asthma Cure - expert's views, diagnosis, therapy, online consultation, drugs, books, etc.
Asthma Education Program - symptoms, treatment, drugs, inhalation therapy, education sites on Asthama
Asthma in Children - causes, symptoms, remedies, diagnosis, homeopathic treatment etc.
Athulya Ayurvedic Medical Research Centre - cancer treatment through ayurvedic medicines
Ayuherbal - features medicinal plants, books, events, colleges, institutes of ayurveda.
Ayurvedwebline.com - yoga, ashtang yoga, health, fitness, exercise, pranayam, meditation, mudra
Baroda Medical - medical colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, laboratories, optician
Best Diagnosis - offering medical & health related, infertility, pharmacy & other services
Better Health - medical awareness site with info on physical disorders, prevention etc.
Blood Givers - database of voluntary blood donors
Blood Line - stock of blood from the Indian Serological Institute Blood Bank
Calcutta Medics - medical news, doctor search, blood banks, organ banks, nursing services
Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) - rehabilitation centre, helpline, adoptions, send a hug, case files
Cardiac Rehabilitation - India - heart diseases, warning signals, treatments etc
Cardio Valens - info on ECG, X-Ray, angios, drugs, equipments, doctors, journals, news, etc
Cardiological Society of India (CSI) - conferences, research in cardiovascular diseases, public education
Celib - medicine for Arthritis, information resource for patient and doctors.
Central Council For Research In Unani Medicine - history, colleges & courses in India, hospitals, home remedies, pharmacies.
Centre for Sight - provides lasik laser vision care
Check for Health - health portal with info on first aid, emergency services, search and more
Chennai Doctors on the Net - information source on doctors, blood banks, chemist shops, laboratories
Choose the Sex of Your Child - select the sex of the child before conception by Barthakur's theory
CommSearch India Pvt Ltd - provides updated information on health and insurance services
Cosmetic Surgery Information for NRIs and Indians - cosmetic surgery procedures, results, FAQ, details about general cosmetic problems.
Cosmetic Surgery in Calcutta - information on types & procedures of the surgery
Dava Bazaar - portal for pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes
Dental Aesthetic - dental office specializing in aesthetics & cosmetic dentistry
Dental Implants in New Delhi (INDIA) - advice on dental problems and treatments available
Dental India - hosting pages of dentists and other services.
Dentistry Pages by Dr.Rajiv Khosla's - dental procedures on various dental specialities- in layman's terms
Dentistry and Dental Implants - information on dental problems and their treatment.
Diabetes Clinic Online - online cosultation site for diabetic patients and doctors with useful info.
Diabetes - information about diabetes health care organisations, academic institutions
Diabetic Foot Gangrene - case studies, press releases, method of treatment by Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
Dinkar Borde's Medical News - news from the Indian medical circle
Disability- Challenges vs Responses - full-text online book on disability in India
Divine Cure Ashram - diagnosis & treatment for human ailments, female inferitility, arthritis
Doc Mednet - medical humour, careers, jobs, diet tips, encyclopedia, organisations etc.
Dochelpline.com - free medical help, e-mail consultation, sexual health, insurance, diet, etc
Doctor Anywhere - online consultants, specialists & doctors in India, report transfers etc.
Doctor On Net - general practitioners, healthcare, hospitals, chemists, sex education
Doctor Saab - medical colleges, online counselling, articles, products, publications etc.
DoctorGenie.com - Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, doctors, desiases and more
Doctors Citi - doctor/specialist, hospital, chemist search for Mumbai, home medicines, etc
Doctors Directory - information about hospitals & doctors in Vijayawada
Doctors Links - list of doctors, emergency services, blood banks, ambulances etc.
Doctors of India - contains medical related information in India
Doktor India - info about medicines, doctors, medical events, jobs & hospitals in India.
Dr. Ashok Kumar Anem's - site features information regarding elimination of cancer and TB.
Dr. Dangs - Medical Diagnostic Center - a leading pathology lab and diagnostic facility.
Dr. Genie - the one-stop complete medical portal
Dr.A.J.Chitkara's Page - homepage of renowned paediatrician
DrGill - medical portal providing comprehensive medical information.
Dynamic Memory Methods - site on how to improve memory power
E-Medlife - childcare, fitness tips with articles on healthcare, women & sex
E-rumely - Indian newspapers, medical journals & dictionary, medline, study resources.
Echolab - collections of interesting colour Doppler images
Educating Sex - info on sex, pregnancy, myths, surveys, AIDS, family planning etc.
Eesee Health - health portal with info on doctors, first aid, online consulting and more
Endocrine India - comprehensive information about endocrine and thyroid disorders, diabetes.
Essential Oils - about aroma therapy, the science for beauty and health application
Eye Care India - resource for eyecare, sunglasses, lasik surgery, contact lenses, tests.
Family Planning Guide - about natural family planning, birth control methods etc.
Fitness Culture - diets, cures, first aid, sex, recipes, exercises, yoga, travel, doctors etc
Fitness Watch - child care, exercises, women's problems, diet food, sexual health, news etc
Foreva - comprehensive information about women's health in India
Foreva - portal on healthcare for women.
Galaxy of Health - health chat, doctors, conferences, alternative medicine, home remedies etc.
Get Cure - healthcare, pet clinic, medical news, cancer, emergency services, diet etc.
Godrej Health Seating - spine care tips, back & neck pain, exercises, right posture and more
Good Health 'n' You - fitness tips, ayurveda, energy calculator, solutions from doctors and more
Goodmorning Doctor - about alternative medicine, aging, fitness, sexuality, diseases, news, etc.
Growing Well - guide to bringing up children, medical tips, common problems and more
Gyn Online - site offers information on gynaecology related topics.
Hair Falling - homoeopathic treatment for hair falling & hair care
Hashmi Dawakhana - offers counselling and remedies for sexual disorders, other diseases.
Health & Fitness - look for yoga, ayurveda, health care, nutrition etc.
Health Care Guide - general health care, self-care online health guide, general questions etc.
Health Care House - health portal with information on doctors, hospitals, chat, insurance etc.
Health Care House - health portal with information on doctors, hospitals, chat, insurance etc.
Health Education - health related information for the general public, internet learning etc.
Health Education Library - a consumer health education resource centre
Health For India - medicine, drugs, disease, cancer, heart, aids, diabetes, news, doctors, TB.
Health India National Medical Directory - India's only national medical directory with over 60,000 useful database
Health India - health care portal, free e-mail for doctors, general health tips, chat etc.
Health Net India - a single source bookmark for all health related information from India
Health Plus India - medical directory, doctors, hospitals, medical equipments, events, news.
Healthcare in India - online newspaper for the madical fraternity.
Healthseva.com - health portal with e-mail, doctors, beauty tips, home remedies, child care
Heart Diseases - information about heart diseases
Home Remedies - remedies for stomach disorders, chilblains, turnips, gum problems etc.
Home Therapies - site provides simple therapies for preventing and curing common ailments.
Homedicare - offers doctors services, insurance, online forums for NRIs & their parents.
Hyd Doctors - health portal with online counselling, chat, medical library, organisations
Hygienic Research Institute India (HRI) - hair and skin care products like shampoos, dyes, oils, lotions, moisturiser
IDoctor Net - information about doctors, hospitals, medical technologies etc.
IMA Tamil Nadu - branch of Indian Medical Association with directory, helpline, case reviews
ISI Blood Bank
Immunisation Today - an update on immunisation schedule for children in India
Indegene.com - clinic reports, medical, drug & research news, books, case studies etc.
India Diets - advice on nutrition, fitness, dietetics, food, beauty, weight loss, low calorie recipes, exercises, myths, home remedies
India Healnet - portal features latest news on medicine & healthcare, events, conferences
India Heartpost - site is dedicated to & serves as a repository of information on heart care.
India Mart - provides information on nutrition, vitamins, aerobics, etc.
Indiamart Women's Healthcare - covers pregnancy, menstrual disorders, breast feeding, STD, HIV, AIDS, etc.
Indian Doctor - information on Indian immunization program, BCG, Hepatitis-B, DPT, etc.
Indian Health Zone - health tips, gems therapy, celebrity fitness, medical facts, astrology etc.
Indian Journal of Surgery (IJS) - journal of the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)
Indian Medlars Centre - a bibliographic database of Indian biomedical research.
Indian Prosthetics Resources - List of artificial limbs and resources India, orthopaedic centres, etc.
Indian Reiki Masters - directory of Reiki Masters, history, principles, meditation etc.
IndianBloodDonors - blood groups, blood banks, pharmacy, doctors etc.
Indo Farm Info - database of products, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters.
Integrated Medicine Research Association - acupuncture, ayurveda, unani, arabic, homeopathy, dietetics, meditation
Joint Pain Clinic - treatment for back pain, arthritis, herbal cure, limbs, inflamation
Kama Curry - site has information on sexual health, viagra, Aids, women's problems, etc.
Kama Sutra On The Web - guide to having safe sex
Leucoderma (Vitiligo) Treatment Program - devoted to FAQs, information, treatment options of Vitiligo.
Leukemia Resources Center India - guide to Leukemia-related information, services & organizations in India
Lichen Pla nus curability test - The LPCA is an online test designed by Dr.Shah, to assess the curability of yourLichen Planus.
Lichen Planus Treatment Program - featuring FAQ, information, treatment options on Lichen Planus treatment.
MA Scan & Research Center - information about radiology to patients, doctors etc., education & research
MD Speak - medical library, health tips, drug reference, medicinal journal etc.
MDIndia.com - health portal with health records, online consultations, libraries and more
MT India - forum for info on medical transcription, free classifieds, yellow pages
Madras Health Page - information on hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers
Magic Laser - an informative site about laser therapy.
Making the Right Diagnosis - the right approach to diagnosis in clinical medicine by Dr. Mihir Ghosh
Malaria-Ipca - history, classification, diagnosis, drug treatment, bulletin boards, FAQ's
Manbir Online - health & fitness news, medical news on HIV-AIDS, cardiac care, nutrition
Manbir Online - health and fitness information services
Manbir Online - medical & health tips, questions & answers on medicine, medical news
Med Galaxy - health & medical information resouce for doctors, students & general public
MedInfo - Indian medical information on the net
Medi Comm - cardiology & nutrition news, medical journal & dictionary, first aid, forum
Medical File - online medical file creation & management
Medical Mantra - portal for medical professionals with chat, search, directories and more
Medical Webline - comprehensive database dedicated to medical profession.
Medico Tantra - AIDS, Ayurveda, health & fitness, homeopathy, diseases, doctors, first-aid
Meditation Room - information on the method, mantras and benefits of meditation.
Meditimes - medical information, chat, cyber doctor, discussion forums, directory
Meditrack India - news, articles on health, fitness matters and clinics information
Meditune - medical meta search engines, virtual case sheet builder, journals, articles
Medivisionindia.com - site on medical info, healthcare, disease digest, drugs etc.
Medybiz.com - health care portal with directory, fitness forum, help line, medical news
Meera Rescue Online - medical emergencies, evacuation, rescue and hospitalisation assistance
Mental Health India - health zone of medication for mental disorders, online counselling, etc.
Mumbai Chemists - indexed listings of chemists in Mumbai, doctors, hospitals, ambulance etc.
Muscular Dystrophy - Prasads homepage containing information on limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
My SOS Web - maintain health records online for emergency or doctor consultation purpose
NRI Parent - program of medical and healthcare services for parents.
National Family Health Survey. - information for India on fertility,child mortality, family planning, etc.
Nephro-India - information specifically for Indian patients and doctors.
Neurology Central - links to Neurology world
Neurosurgery in India - information about Neurosurgery and links to related sites
News From The World of Indian Medicine - searchable archive of news stories about health and medicine.
Nims Online - features ambulance services, pharmacies, blood and eye banks, donors, etc.
Nirog Sukh - monthly Hindi ayurvedic magazine.
Online Health India - portal on health information with guide, professional queries, reviews etc.
Online Medical Tips - online counselling, emergency services, chat, newsletters and more
Orchid Healthcare - comprehensive health portal providing information on diseases, medical news
Ortho Net India - Orthopedic doctors, implants, surgery, treatment, arthritis, educational
Patho India - e-pathology community of India with calendar of events, members etc.
Pediatric On Call - a complete child health portal for medical, paramedical personnel & parents
Pharma Match - online info about pharmaceutical & bulk drug companies, physicians, patient
Pharmatech India - a comprehensive directory of major pharmaceutical companies.
Plain Sense - heart health index
Plus N Pulse - medical news, sex education, first aid, child care, beauty, home remedies
Pradeep Aggarwal's - institute of mind control and management
Psychology 4 All - psychologycal concepts, consultancy services, links, e-books.
QMed Services Pvt. Ltd. - information on health-care with list of sites on blood banks, doctors etc.
Ranbaxy for Doctors - research abstracts, newsletters on medicine, conferences & events etc.
Saffola India - personalised diet planner, food check book, message boards and more
Samhita Health Care - online health services, books by Dr. Reddy, helpline, newsletters etc.
Sehat India - doctors, alternative medicines, info on heart disease, online lab testing.
Sex Gyan - information on sex, adulthood, AIDS, intercourse, counselling etc.
Sexual Medicine - some FAQ on sexual medicines by Dr. Govind Gupta
Speech Foundation - self-help audio-cassette programs for treatment of stammering
Speech Therapy India - research, publications & online counselling for stammering
Sudisa's Telemedicine - online information for medical & non-medical persons on medicine & diseases
TamilnaduDoctors.com - contains database of doctors.
Tandurusti.com - health care portal with help line, medical news, tips on diet, yoga etc.
Tantramagic - Tantra is learning the art of tantric sexual and spiritual techniques
Thalassery Health - the complete health guide.
The Best Medical Care - site dedicated to a book for medical care, web hosting for doctors.
The Health Mantra - online advice, information on teenage, women & adult medical & health needs
The National Liver Foundation - a voluntary, non-profit organisation offering help, information and support to those suffering form liver disease
Tooth Angels - a portal on dental issues.
Top Doctor India - healthcare provider network of doctors, specialists, hospitals & queries
Vasantha Memorial Trust - cancer care & cure, online blood bank system, volunteers & donors etc.
Vet Helpline India - veterinary education, pets, online counselling, mall, articles, info bank
Viagra at the cheapest price online - Viagra at the cheapest price online, consultaion, mail-order
Video Atlas Of Pediatric Surgery - videos, online consultation, articles by Dr. Ila on pediatric operations
Vidyasoft Applications - health monitoring software
Vipassana Meditation - by S.N. Goenka
We Want A Baby.com - sperm bank, male infertility, invitro fertilisation, assisted reproduction
Web Health Centre - health care portal, online consultation, general health tips, books etc.
Web Health Centre - health record storage, general health tips, reference, online consultation
Web Health Plus - nutrition guide, diagnostic procedures, medical issue, counselling, doctors
West Bengal Health - contains information on health services in West Bengal
Womens Health Guide - guide to women's pregnancy, breast cancer, infertility etc.
World Medics - a directory of doctors, surgeons, dentists and physicians
Your Story - self instructional material on family life & sex education for adolescents.
Zypine.com - online resource for Schizophrenia care givers & psychiatrists.
e-Healthcare India - medical records, hospitals, doctors, first aid, diagnostic services, news.
eFuture Medicine - online consultation, medical advice, homeopathy courses, medicines, etc.