It is believed that God conveyed the message of Koran to Hazarat Mohammed through Gabriel in the days of Razman. The whole month of Razman is sacred. All through this month the devout Muslims keep strict fast during the day. After sunset, Namaz is offered and then the fast is broken. At some places, to announce the time of breaking the fast, cannons are fired. They get up at dawn and take up light refreshment and then again the fast begins. The fast continues for about a month. It begins with the new moon and terminates with next new moon.

        The month following Razman is called Shawwal. On the first of Shawwal is Id-ul-fitr celebrated. It is a festival of great cheer, rejoicing and festivity. Throughout India it is observed with great enthusiasm, fervour and gaiety. On this day people were new and best clothes, and other accessories; offer mass Namaz at Idgah and other mosques. After the Namaz, the Imam delivers a religious lecture and then they greet and embrace one another with warmth and affection. Hindu also great and embrace their Muslim friends in a spirit of brotherhood.

        The whole day of Id is spent in festivity and exchange of sweets, good wishes and visits. Sewayyan, a sweet dish is specially prepared on this occasion and distributed among friends, neighbours and relatives. It is a great social and religious festival of Muslims and the poor and needy are given money, food, clothes etc. in charity. Muslim women also celebrate it with great zest and enthusiasm. They wear their fineries, jewellery and apply henna on their feet and hands. On this day, Muslims greet each other by saying, ‘Id Mubarak!’