It is an annual festival celebrated all over India on 1of January with great social and religious fervour. It marks the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year. Actually the celebrations start right from the eve of the 24th December and continue upto 1st January, the New Year Day. Primarily the urban upper and middle class people celebrate New Year Day. They enjoy it with gay abundance. Greetings and good wishes are exchanged, sweets are distributed, and people welcome one another by shaking hands and exchanging wishes of happiness and prosperity in the New Year. Greeting cards are sent to friends, relatives and well-wishers, who happen to live at distant place.

        The day starts with special service in the churches, and then begins a round of never-ending festivity, merry-making, dancing, singing, and feasting. At mid-night when the new year is ushered in, with the striking of 12 O’clock, people in large number come out in the streets and market places and welcome the new year with fun and frolic, dance and songs. Hotels and restaurants organize various programs to welcome the New Year and people crowd those place to entertain themselves and their friends with this sumptuous feast.

        It is also an occasion of thanksgiving and prayer of God for the happy moments enjoyed in the previous year. People pray for more happiness and prosperity in the New Year and the years to come, and good wishes are either given orally or sent by post to the friends, relations and other for the New Year. Children are given gifts and money. At some places fairs are held and special shops, stalls etc. are set up for the occasion.