The Muslims celebrate the festival of Miald-un-Nabi, or Bara Wafat with eclat and enthusiasm all over the country. It commemorates the birthday of Hazrat Mohammed and falls on the Twelfth Day of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal. Prophet Mohammed was born in 571 A.D. on 12th April at Mecca in Arabia. Abdulla was his father and Amina his mother. Khadiza was Mohammedís wife. That was the period of moral chaos and great corruption. Mohammed spent his time in prayer and mediation in seclusion. He led the people on the path of morality and true religion.

        On the day of Milad the Prophetís teachings are repeated, the holy Koran is read and religious meetings are organized in the mosques. The devotees keep night vigil, spend their time in Namaz and reading of Koran. They invite friends and relatives to feast, and offer food, clothing money, etc. to the poor.