Baisakhi festival derives its name from the month of Vaisakh (13 April) in which this day occurs. It invariably falls on the thirteenth of April every year. On this day people bathe in sacred tanks, rivers pools or near the wells early in the morning; dress themselves in festive clothes and visit chrines, temples and gurudwaras to offer prayers and worship.

        It is a north Indian festival, but especially in Punjab it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour. The people of Punjab perform Bhangra dance, sing folk songs to the tune of drum-beats, exchange greeting, enjoy feasts and such other merry making with gay abundance.

        This also marks the beginning of the month long Vaisakh bathing. The pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Badrinath in the Himalayas also commences from this day. The charities done during the month of Vaisakh are believed to earn great religious merit, and so people generously give money, grains and other things to the poor, needy and the brahmins; and observe fast, chant the glories of the Lord and practice such other pious activities.