Earth Infotech Pvt. Ltd., an integrated Internet company, delivers Indian content, community and commerce to Indian consumers and businesses. We pioneered the concept of providing engaging information to the Indian community. The company aims to be the market leader and choice provider for Indians in various Internet-related services in India and around the world. For fulfilling the primary mission of this venture company has launched a search engine www.indiainformation.com to take technology & information to the common man. Company is also setting up a nationwide franchise network to facilitate e-commerce.

Today, Indiainformation.com delivers the ultimate Internet experience with the integration of our content platforms, offering an even broader range of highly distinctive content and services to our users and commerce and media partners.

Indiainformation.com offers a broad and varied range of Internet products, services and solutions to Internet users, on-line advertisers, and web-based enterprises through the integration of a Portal Network, Advertising Network, Software solutions ,Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and E-Solutions.  


Indiainformation.com vision is to empower people through great information any time, any place and on any device.

The first personalised Indian portal is  the leading online network targeting India and Indians worldwide. We provide original and third-party branded content through interest-specific channels, extensive Web-based community features such as free e-mail (6MB Space), chat, extensive real time news coverage, business updates. Indiainformation.com also provides a range of channels offering latest in entertainment; lifestyle, food ,community,city weather update every hour and many other information based services and an India adapted search engine,  a e-commerce platform in India. We have designed our Web-site offerings by keeping the slow access speed available to most Indian Internet users in mind. We have used the site with latest technology . We also have a translator which can translate the site in 24 international languages.We believe that we have created a online network of choice for Indian Internet users, as well as create a highly desirable advertising and e-commerce platform for advertisers and merchants respectively.The Indiainformation.com Portal Network has a large, loyal and growing audience.

1. Focus on India & Indians Worldwide: We serve the online needs for Indian Internet users and people of Indian origin worldwide and have developed our product offerings based on the demands and the requirements of our user base. We have been in business since 1999, and since thenwe are regularly adding  a large archive of Indian focused content. We provide our users with:

Broad range of community offerings such as, chat, free Email (6MB) space that allows users to interact with other Indians with similar interests;

Search engine, with technology from Everyone, that has been customized to provide India relevant content as top searches for queries by users;

Sites that are relevant to Indian interest, e g Horoscope, sports, Singles, , Indian music and Indian movies.

Up-to-date news focused on India, constantly updated every hour, featuring  interviews with several leading Indian politicians, movie stars, and celebrities;

An easy to understand interface that strikes the right balance between an attractive visual appearance and fast down-load times for people accessing the site with low speed modems.

2. Comprehensive online offering: We believe that we are the "one-stop-shop" for Indian Internet users by satisfying all their online requirements. By providing them with locally relevant content, community functionality, and ability to shop online, we are able to attract and retain users on our site for extended periods. We believe that our extensive offerings coupled with our aggressive branding program will make us the most recognized Internet brand in India. To help advertiser's reach the indiainformation.com audiences, we help them build their sites, design their banners and sponsorships and lead them through a comprehensive service to assist their marketing efforts on the net.

3. Leading e-commerce platform: We have created the shopping Marketplace which provides Indian merchants a guide and effective way to move from being merely advertisers/sponsors on our site to selling their goods and services online.

To demonstrate the value of this proposition we created a Global shopping section. In this section we have tied up with more than 160 American companies like Dell, Amazon, Cnet ,Compaq, IBM, MP3, American Greetings etc from which the customers can buy anything from cars to household equipments on line.

Till date we have put online several  merchants in India and we are now completing development of software that will allow merchants to automatically sign-up, create their own store and transact business on the web.

On the other hand we have created the necessary facilities to allow our site visitors to easily search and provide the right goods and services in the indiainformation.com Marketplace.


Indiainformation.com is hosted on one of the best available severs.

Top-Notch Servers
Indiainformation.com site is hosted on one of our continuously monitored, high performance Unix servers. Each server comes with Linux OS and Award-Winning Apache installed.Great support and great features will get you nowhere without a wide pipe. We used to advertise an OC3; now we've gone one better.

 Operations Center in Baltimore, Maryland is "OnNet" with Frontier GlobalCenter (FGC), which means that we have a direct fiber optic connection between our Cisco 7200 router and theirs. Being OnNet with a Tier-1 provider means that we don't link to a backbone, we are actually on a backbone. We have no phone circuit, and don't use a Telecom link to get to the Internet; instead, we have an in-house connection directly to FGC's ATM fiber node, located a few floors below our servers in the same building. This fiber optic line can handle the bandwidth of a T3 or an OC3, and with FGC's Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, it can handle several times the bandwidth of an OC3.

Multiple Backbone
We share the digital distribution architecture of FGC, which is comprised of more than 25 high-speed private peering connections to major Internet carriers such as MCI, Sprint, UUNET, AT&T, AOL, Best, Erols, and others. FGC also has high-speed links to 8 public exchanges including both MAE East and West and several NAPS. To use an analogy, the private peering connections allow data to travel from New Delhi to Mumbai on a non-stop flight, while the public exchanges enable data to fly into the nearby city of Pune.Other features of our Server

Standby Servers
We keep spares on-line of all CPU configurations. If our server were to experience a hardware failure we would literally turn a key, grab the handle on our drive, pull it out, and insert it into an identical standby CPU. We'd reboot the second machine and your site would be up and running again in a matter of minutes.

Route Optimization
We have a large investment in BGP (Border Gate Protocol) technology which allows the traffic to your site to travel more efficiently by finding the best route for data to travel. On a typical server the traffic always takes the same route from client to server. For them, if there is a bad node, traffic does not get through at all. Because we use BGP protocol, different and more efficient routes are taken between client and server depending on traffic loads and broken nodes. This means our servers automatically look for the fastest route available.


Indiainformation.com unique approach is to continually build upon our proven foundation of technology leadership and results orientation. The company's overriding promise is to offer unmatched services to the Web community through the integration of internally developed offerings, best of breed relationships and strategic acquisitions. Through our personalized local portal services, we have created a global constellation of Indian city-centric Web destinations to give users the best in relevant local content and resources, combined with the Web's most powerful features and functions. By removing the resource and personnel burdens associated with Web site deployment and maintenance, our partner-first approach enables our media and commerce affiliates to concentrate on what they do best, to develop the rich, locally relevant content their users demand.


Indiainformation.com's E-Solutions

Indiainformation.com provides a broad range of E-services. These services include:

  • strategic consulting
  • technology integration
  • web site design and development
  • web hosting on secure and 24/7 service back-up servers
  • integrated marketing and e-commerce solutions  
  • Complete Software solution for both windows & Dos based Machine

For companies in India, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Indiainformation.com continues to expand its capabilities in order to provide customers with the latest in web design and hosting techniques. E-solutions and services like online booking of travel-related services, office supplies, providing free online shop to willing companies are under process & will soon be  executed by Indiainformation.com.

Indiainformation.com's Ecommerce

Business to Consumer (B2C) Services
Indiainformation.com's B2C services provide our audience a great shopping experience through,

            Safe and secure online transaction
     A wide and unique range of products
     Great discounts and offers
      Privacy of information
       Efficient Service

We are planning soon to Offers online stock broking services through

Business to Business (B2B) Services
Indiainformation.com's B2B services offer unique services like         

  •      Easy and user friendly on-line store set up and hosting.

  •      Office supplies and automation products through our  site.

  •      Secure transaction platform.

  •      Sound technical expertise of E-Commerce.  


Indiainformation.com is committed to  deliver best-of-breed Indian Web results to our key users, by integrating content and functionality from both within the indiainformation.com  Network and through external partners. Our primary focus is serving users. Capitalizing on our broad and distinctive offerings of innovative features and services, indiainformation.com  delivers the ultimate Internet experience through multiple platforms.
We are dedicated to provide   the most efficient and effective technical skills delivery service in the Global E-commerce market. We are developing a turn-key system & some special features on our search engine which will proprietary to our company. We are continually improving and fine tuning our system so that it is of maximum service to our clients, consultants, partners and franchisees..


You will recognize that we do business differently. We started our company with no preconceived notions as to how a technical staffing company should operate. We started from scratch and thought through the entire process. We simply anticipate all the things that can go wrong while trying to provide reliable & productive computer consultants for temporary assignments, and then we implement procedures into our system to eliminate or minimize those issues.
Some of the distinct features on our site
Translation Facility - This facility helps the user to translate this site in 24 international languages.
Weather update - All major cities weather are updated every hour.
Yellow Pages - City wise yellow pages.(under development).
Ask me Service - Get free consultancy on different topics.
Doctors second opinion - Get Doctors second opinion & free Homeopathic medicine.
Community - Get all community details,matrimonials on one site.
Global shopping - Buy any product from cars to home appliances through, more than 160 USA companies shop on line.


We believe in being honest, hardworking and upfront at all times. Above all, we believe in taking care of people. Although Earth Infotech is one of the fastest growing consulting firms in India, we are not sales or profit driven. We believe that when you provide a good service and treat people with respect, everything else will follow.



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